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Bold Military Jewelry from Ingrassia and Sons produces the finest in Custom Jewelry with Military Service Rings and Military Jewelry for Fire Fighters, Police, Coast Guard, and US Military Servicemen and women.

Our skilled craftsman will take your military jewelry for police, firefighter, signet  or badge and create custom jewelry in gold or platinum rings, medallions, or pendants. We'll create a custom  military service rings to reflect your own personal experience.

The precision and quality of your custom military service rings or other custom jewelry will reflect the pride you feel about your public or military service. These military rings are not like school or class rings.

Whether your from the 10th Mountain Division, 82nd Airborne Division, 101st Airborne Division, 187th Airborne Division, 555th Airborne Division, 3rd Infantry, Small Jump Wings, Senior Jump Wings, Large Jump Wings, 4th Infantry, Submarine, U. S. S. Princeton CV37 Aircraft Carrier, Air Combat Command, 1st Armored Division, 1st Cavalry, 32nd Army, Air Missile Defense, Coast Guard, Army Pathfinder, 1st Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division, 7th Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Division, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 11th Airborne Division, 18th Military Police Brigade, 24th Infantry Division, 25th Infantry Division, 173rd Airborne Brigade or  the 199th Light Infantry Brigade can create custom rings, medallions, pendants or jewelry.

These rings make an ideal gift for serviceman and woman who have serviced in Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Korean War, Vietnam , and World War II.


US Navy Chief Petty Officer Ring - Sterling

NEW EMBLEM!The Solid shank is custom fit to each chief, senior chief, and master chief logo, for quality fit and finish. EMBLEMS ON THE RING ARE OPTIONAL...The 10k anchor is optional... stars for E-8, E-9 ARE EXTRA...

US Navy Submarine Dolphin Womans Pendant Sweet Heart

This beautiful US Navy Submarine Sweetheart Pendant is computer designed and handmade. STARTS $99.99 STERLING

US Navy Chief Petty Officer Ring

NEW EMBLEM!The Solid shank is custom fit to each chief, senior chief, and master chief logo, for quality fit and finish. . SIDE EMBLEMS ON THE RING ARE OPTIONAL... stars for E-8, E-9 ARE EXTRA DUE TO COST OF GOLD. E-7 RING

US Navy UDT SEAL Pendent 33 mm

Computer Designed, hand crafted. A must for Navy Seals and loved ones.

US Navy Submarine Dolphin Guppy Ring - Sterling

The "GUPPY' Submarine ring is the most sought after design on the Planet today.You have seen your shipmates wear this unique design Now you have found the best Submarine design!Designed by me and made by me In the USA ! Stones are opyional... STARTS $275.00 STERLING Worn by the actors on Last Resort!
$300.00 $275.00

US Marine Corps USMC Cufflinks

Marine Corps Cuff Links The Marine Corps cufflinks are our most popular military cufflink we sell! Thank you... starts $249.99 sterling official marine corps license
$300.00 $249.99

US Navy Submarine Dolphin Womans Ring

NEW! Lady Submarine Ring. So many of you requested The Submarine Sweet Heart Ring, we made one from scratch. Running lights and diamond in Bullnose are extra. STARTS $149.99 STERLING

US Navy Submarine Dolphin Regulation Ring - Sterling

U.S Navy Submarine Regulation Dolphins Ring sterling Stones are optional... STARTS $275 STERLING

US Navy Submarine Dolphin Military Subfarer Watch Classic

It has taken me a long time to find a high quality watchmaker that meets my standards of quality and style. My "Subfarer" Submarine watch is designed by be. The "Subfarer" name is trademarked by me.
$645.00 $499.99

US Navy Submarine Dolphin T-Shirt Submarine Service

Another Ingrassia and Sons Original. FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING! WARNING! The artwork is a registered trademark!