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Royal Australian Submarine Dolphin Ring

U.S Navy Submarine Regulation Dolphins Ring Stones are optional... STARTS $299.99 STERLING

Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant 3-D 30mm

Trinacria Italian Horn pendant by Ingrassia & Sons Jewelers 30mm

US Marine Corps USMC Raider Special Operator pendant

US Marine Raider special operator Pendant OFFICIAL MARINE CORPS LICENSE!

US Marine Corps USMC Raider Special Operator Sterling Ring

The Ingrassia and Sons Marine Corps Raider Ring is hand made in the U.S.A .The Raider emblem is so precise and detailed it is aproved by the Marine Corps. Optional Chevrons! 10k gold Raider emblem IN PICTURE IS OPTIONAL. The first Marine corps ring in the world to be licensed by the Marine Corps!Only official Marine Corps product has a hologram!
$349.99 $299.99